Twisted dev people dudes,

Nevertheless, Daniel didn't lead with the details and refrain from a value judgement, so the
> advice applies equally well to him.

Lesson learned. Thanks. I agree that this is important.

Now to bring the thread back on-topic, I'd like to ask what pb should do in principle. In other words, what is the specification for the flavors? I think a discussion of each pb flavor would be helpful and would provide me material from which I can generate missing docstrings [1]. I'd rather do it this way instead of backing out what the standing implementation currently does so that I don't waste time working on something which is a fundamentally bad idea. This discussion should be a small investment at the present time.

The functionality provided by Copyable is simple. The sender of the Copyable just sends it and *forgets*. Therefore, sending a Copyable is basically just sending atomic data in a particular format. I don't think we need to discuss this any further.

When I send you a Referenceable, I send a GUID so that you can later refer to that object. For example, I send you a message with argument (psuedo code)


This is a declaration that I am keeping hold of an object called "Joe" upon which you may call methods remotely. Specifically, you can send me


which tells me to call and send you the result.

1. How long should the GUID for Joe survive? If Joe is deleted can I reuse the name "Joe" for an object created later?
2. Do I notify you if Joe disappears on my side?

Let's stop here for now. I owe glyph some reviews [2].

Yours sincerely,

[1] I already submitted a patch to the pb documentation and improved the submission based on review. I hope this provides some indication of my commitment to make material contributions. I mention this because glyph made a comment suggesting that showing real work would be valuable.

[2] Is this the beginning of a process which will lead me in the end to complete servitude and loss of ownership of my own soul?