I had a similar interoperability issue a long time ago. I was trying to interface with a SOAP server written in .NET using SOAPpy. The xml is properly received but it seems SOAPpy doesn't like the format causing my python SOAP client to die. (Since I don't much time to fix it I opted to use perl's SOAP::Lite which was quite messy but it worked).

I believe the problem is in your .NET XML parser. What you can do is write a logic to dump the received XML and examine it.

On 7/17/07, Arye < aryeh@bigfoot.com> wrote:
Hello all,

This seems more a .NET issue since the server runs fine
and returns a correct SOAP envelope but I am still asking
my question...

We have a basic Twisted SOAP server with an "echo" method
that simply returns it's argument. (Typically a string).
A client written with SOAPpy communicates fine with this
server. However a C# client in .NET seems unable to
read the echoed string.

Any ideas someone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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