Hi Everyone,

I am developing a tiny library where you can use your gpio pins (over sysfs) in twisted way. You may find more about, on https://github.com/sardok/txgpio.

I am facing with a race condition issue, where certain files are needed to be created in filesystem, by kernel, in order have the class to finish its initialization. Which means in twisted jargon, a deferred needs to be resolved in __init__ (or another method - see below) method in order to have complete object.

After reading this blog post http://as.ynchrono.us/2014/12/asynchronous-object-initialization.html by Jean-Paul, i believe having 'from_' factory method which waits for those certain files to be created before creating the actual class object is the better way.

However, i couldn't find a way to wait for a deferred in order to use the from_ function in the following form (which is the common form for using from_ factory methods);

obj = sysfs.GPIO.from_unexported_node(*a, **kw)

More or less, i am looking for some thing equivalent of 'asyncio.get_event_loop()' and 'yield from loop.run_in_executor()' as mentioned in the blog post.