Hi everyone,

I am sure everyone understands that the Twisted community would love more diversity. While it is hard to achieve, it should be easy to remove one of the obvious blockers -- making underrepresented groups feel more welcome. 

I think, and hope, that our IRC channel, our issue system and mailing list have been a friendly, pleasant place. This is an attempt to clarify what we mean by a "friendly, pleasant place". 

After some discussion on IRC, I volunteered to write up a Code of Conduct for Twisted. It is mostly an adaptation of Django's CoC -- I think Django has a nice track record of commitment to diversity, and, of course, we expect our communities to overlap.

My current draft, including instructions on how to build it, is in https://github.com/moshez/twisted-coc . I have intentionally not made the built documents available, in an attempt to avoid someone picking them up before they're approved by us. 

Please respond if there are any concerns about the wording, anything that I missed and anything you think does not belong there. I hope we can achieve consensus, and have the Project Leadership Committee approve this (including approving the current committee -- I've volunteered to chair it, and Glyph and Amber (HawkOwl) have graciously agreed to be on it.)

Moshe Z.