On 29 December 2014 at 19:11, Jason J. W. Williams <jasonjwwilliams@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi James,

Have you guys tried Silverberg? Wondering if its less flakly.


We haven't -- when I said that, I meant "on some occasions, after 3 years of continuous use". It's a sporadic failure mode, and hasn't happened enough times for us to investigate deeply. That said, we're in our own DC, so the environment is pretty stable. If you're in AWS or similar, you might want to run some testing around failure cases (let us know what you find!)
All that said, we've been very happy with it.

The likelihood is that we'll be working on migrating to Manhattan[1] rather than trying out a new Cassandra library.
Not quite sure which way we'll go, but one option may be to write a telephus-like wrapper around the thrift bindings.

[1] https://blog.twitter.com/2014/manhattan-our-real-time-multi-tenant-distributed-database-for-twitter-scale