On Jul 29, 2018, at 1:02 PM, Ryan McParlan <mcparlan.ryan@gmail.com> wrote:

Now everything is just broken. theres no support for this how am i supoose to learn when i just look shit up on the internet to fix it and end up breaking things even furthrer. jfc

I understand that this is frustrating (and I've put more of my life than I care to think into trying to make this kind of thing less frustrating) but please keep in mind that everyone on this list is a volunteer.  We would like you to have a positive experience with Twisted, but given that you are probably using 600 other pieces of technology at the same time (by the look of it: Windows, PyCharm, Django, Django Channels, Visual Studio, and so on) it's difficult for us to provide immediate authoritative answers that will work in your exact situation.

However, If you can be patient and try to explain more exactly what's going wrong, I'm sure that we can either get you back up and running with Twisted or direct you to a support forum that is more suited to where the problem actually lies.