I have a twisted web server running using "twisted.web.http".

The objective of the server is to convert files to another format. Currently I upload the files and the conversion params using an HTTP POST from a form.

Now I want to add XML-RPC support to the conversion process. It means the user could process the conversion using the http form or calling directly the XML-RPC class.

This is my pages dispatch:

class MyRequestHandler(http.Request):

    pages = { '/' : loginPage,
                     '/uploadHandler' : handleUpload,
                     '/uploadform' : uploadForm,
                     '/xmlrpc_converter': MyConverterXMLRPCClass() }

What I want to do is offer the user two possibilities to upload the file, one of them using HTTP POST (calling to "uploadform") and the other using XML-RPC (caling to xmlrpc_converter).

I have tried to implement MyConverterXMLRPCClass() as follows:

    def __init(self):

    def xmlrpc_mymethod1(self, param)
        """My process""

But It down't work, when I try http://localhost:8000/xmlrpc_converter I get the following error:

"MyConverterXMLRPCClass instance has no __call__ method"
How can I call MyConverterXMLRPCClass from an url in my http server?

Thank you.

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