Hi all,

I'm writing a twisted Telnet server and I want a client to be able to connect to it through some other interface, such as PuTTY.  I can make the connection fine. But one of my requirements is to be able to tell the client to switch back and forth between buffered and unbuffered input modes depending on the state of the server. (Sometimes, the client should enter text, then hit enter to send. Other times, the client should send data character-by-character).

I'm new at this, and maybe I'm missing something, but in my TelnetTransport object, I do something like this to disable buffering of client data:

self.transport.write(IAC + WILL + LINEMODE)
self.transport.write(IAC + SB + LINEMODE + MODE + chr(0) + IAC + SE)

Not working though. PuTTY still requires me to hit <enter> after I type. I've tried various combinations of the above. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but its just really hard to find an example of this on the net. I'd appreciate some advice as to how to proceed, or a simple example if you have time...

I'm using the twisted Telnet classes found here: