On Sat, Aug 7, 2021, at 19:36, Glyph wrote:

In case you missed it, we have now finally actually done something with twisted.org - thanks to Thomas Grainger, the top level of the domain is a Github Pages public site, which means you can contribute to it with fairly standard tools if you are so inclined!  The repo is here: https://github.com/twisted/twisted.github.io.

I tried to sketch out how it would look like if we moved stuff to Sphinx. I only moved a small fraction of the content and did not want to spend time customizing the template/look and feel at this point: I just wanted to see how much work would it be to make a quick PoC. I also didn't automate the push process to gh-pages: this should

The results are at: https://moshez.github.io/twisted-website-demo/
The sources are at: https://github.com/moshez/twisted-website-demo

I am interested in rough feedback -- is this a path worth pursuing? Only worth it if significant more effort is done on the template side?

Moshe Z.