On Mon, 4 Jan 2021 at 00:54, Glyph <glyph@twistedmatrix.com> wrote:
It’s complicated and I’m not a lawyer, so maybe it is indeed not a problem. But in brief it’s like trademark protection, kind of, in that it becomes SFC’s problem to be aware that you’ve said these things and tell you not to say them. The twisted project (which is a bit of an amorphous concept to begin with) has authorized SFC to be its fiscal sponsor, the SFC has gone through  the rigamarole with the IRS to ensure this is an exempt-able public benefit activity, and now someone is making claims about the project hiring, which they’re on the hook for. How does the IRS know your status of affiliation with the project or the conservancy for sure? Somebody has to investigate it, investigating means asking a bunch of questions and sucking up the SFC’s time and energy, even if no enforcement action is ever formally taken.

In short: talk to the SFC first about the project’s status, get an actual official recommendation and not my random opinion about what may or may not be a problem, before doing anything related to fundraising. I can’t say anything authoritative about what is allowed, because as far as I understand it, *nothing* is allowed without untangling the PLC/approval process first. :-)

(Except to raise money for the already-authorized expenses related to the continued hosting of twistedmatrix.com, of course.)

Thanks for the info and sorry for the trouble :)

I will try to send a (private) message to SFC these days to untangle the PLC team and I will add you to CC.

Until we solve the PLC issue, I would consider this discussion blocked.

Adi Roiban