Looks like we're in the same boat--this is my third day looking at
Twisted. My approach is to skim the doc and read some code, sleep
on it, then do it all again but a bit more carefully. And yes, my head
hurts. ;-)
But I have enjoyed reading the reactor code. My only question there is if
anyone is considering using heapq instead of insort, as heapq is really
the algorithm of choice for processing dynamicly changing lists in order.
So while my head really hurts, at least I'm enjoying the code. And its a
nice break from reading the docs, too.

Duncan McGreggor <python@adytumsolutions.com> wrote:
But I am not sure how to get started yet... I want to write something
that can be run with twistd. Can anyone offer guidance or suggestions
as to the approach? Right now, I am locked on the example here:
http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/howto/application.html ...

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