A helix is twisted but isn't necessarily a tube. Macaroni on the other hand...

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> On Dec 11, 2014, at 6:00 PM, Donald Stufft <donald@stufft.io> wrote:
>> On Dec 11, 2014, at 6:55 PM, Itamar Turner-Trauring <itamar@itamarst.org> wrote:
>> I would suggest including the Twisted support inside tubes as a first pass, restricted to a module (e.g. tubes.helical). Less overhead and as long as it's optional it's not preventing anyone from using tubes with other frameworks.
>> Otherwise, +100.
> If you do this, I would just do something like tubes.integrations.{twisted,tornado,asyncio} etc.

I think I prefer integration modules to be separate, though I myself have broken this rule in the Effect library (which has an effect.twisted module). I think I may separate it out to another library if I ever release Effect as a non-alpha. Keeping integration libraries separate keeps your dependencies nice and simple. And we live in a world where installing dependencies is trivial now, right? :)

But yeah, +100. I’m really happy you came to this conclusion.

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