Should I enable GitHub discussions for twisted/twisted repo?


* it's like email but I think that it's easier to include/exclude people interested in the discussion
* If an external person / one time contributor wants to participate in a discussion, subscribing to the whole maillinglist is no longer required
* Should be easier to find the "right answer" inside a discussion.
* You can search the twisted/twisted repo from one place (GitHub top left search bar) and also find discussion for that topic.
* Might help with keeping the comments inside the PR focused on the code review as it should be easier to start a discussion


* Depend even more on GitHub / MS.. but I hope that even if
* Yet another communication channel for the Twisted community. We already have
  * this mailinglist
  * the web mailinglist
  * IRC
  * stack overflow
  * GitHub PRs

We already depende a lot on Github for git hosting, code review, automated tests, deployment, pypy publishing.
I don't know if the discussion feature will make much of a difference.

There is an API [0] that ctwisted-pythontwisted-pythonan be used to export the data if needed or import mailman data.


What do you think?

Yes... no... maybe...stupid idea :)


We have an archive for this  list [1]  but there is no search.

[0] https://docs.github.com/en/graphql/guides/using-the-graphql-api-for-discussions
[1] https://twistedmatrix.com/pipermail/twisted-python/
Adi Roiban