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>On 6 Feb 2010, 17:34, exarkun@twistedmatrix.com wrote:
>>On 4 Feb, 09:16 pm, ssteinerx@gmail.com wrote:
>>>While I see tickets in the tracker for web2 and others for web, I
>>>couldn't find a 'cherry pick' list of things to be moved from web2
>>>into web.
>>>Is there one?
>>Not really.  It'd be great to have such a list.  Any time anyone
>>up their use of web2, I ask them what features it provides that caused
>>them to select it or prevent them from switching to Twisted Web.  One
>>answer that a lot of people give is streaming access to uploads (which
>>Twisted Web indeed makes very inconvenient now).  There's a ticket for
>>this, #288.  The other answers people tend to give are "I don't
>>know" or
>>"nothing in particular".  Sometimes they also say "HTTP/1.1 support",
>>but when further questioned about this, they can't actually explain
>>that means.
>I also depend on 100-Continue support. This is somehow related to
>#288, but not
>explicitly mentioned. If one wants to stream POST data, it's better to
>have 'expect/continue' working. It allows to check various conditions,
>authentication before allowing the client to proceed.

Awesome, thanks for adding to the list. :)  Now that there are two items
on it, I've added a section to the end of
<http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedWebPlan>.  I encourage anyone
with interest in this area to suggest more items for this list.


This page: http://www.jmarshall.com/easy/http/

seems like it might be a good guide to upgrading to HTTP 1.1.

See the section entitled "Upgrading to HTTP 1/1". :)

Kevin Horn