I have been submitting patches to txkube (Python-based Kubernetes client)
to work with the latest API changes for the reactor and TLS endpoints.

I am down to only 1 test failing.  I submitted this patch:


based on changes that I saw in 


but haven't gotten it to work.

What I am trying to do is to get txkube to the point where I can install it with Python 2.7, and
then type:

trial txkube.test.test_authentication.AuthenticateWithServiceAccountTests.test_https_bearer_token_authorization

and get it to work.

test_https_bearer_token_authorization is pretty much the same as test_http_bearer_token_authorization, just going over https.

When running the test_https_bearer_token_authorization test, I traced things down into the ConnectionCompleter class: https://github.com/twisted/twisted/blob/trunk/src/twisted/test/iosim.py#L515

It looks like the serverFactory is not properly creating a serverProtocol, so no data is going through.

Can someone familiar with the TLS endpoint changes in Twisted 17.1.0 point me in the right direction for this?