There's a twisted MSNP8 (or is it MSNP9) implementation. It's experimental but it works. I managed to write an MSN gateway for XMPP deriving most of the codes from it.

Alvin Delagon

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 6:49 PM, Jo Vermeulen <> wrote:

I am trying to create a chat bot that can work over both the XMPP and the MSN protocol using Twisted words. I have a couple of questions as a Twisted newbie :-)

Is there any documentation on how to create a protocol-agnostic chatbot with Twisted words? Or are there applications using Twisted words that offer multiple front-ends?

I have a XMPP version working, but had some problems finding my way around a few features. I don't know how to get a list of contacts, or initiatiate a group chat. Even if I succeed in doing this, would it be possible to generalize this for both XMPP and MSN?

Finally, I was wondering how mature Twisted words is. It seems to work well for XMPP, but how mature is the MSN support? Are there other libraries I could consider, or is it possible to generalize other libraries within Twisted?

Thanks in advance!

-- Jo Vermeulen

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