Awesome work, Thomas.

I have an issue with this pre-release on OpenBSD. aborts trying to compile sendmsg.c

This is a known bug that has a patch, and is presently awaiting a review.

I would like to request a new pre-release with this fix once it has been reviewed and merged. (someone? pretty please?)


On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 8:06 AM, Thomas Hervé <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Yes, you're reading well. For the first time ever (since 2008), we're
actually pushing not 2, not 3, but 4 releases in a calendar year! Just
to be able to use the fancy 12.3 version number.

But, apart from this nice label, this release also closes 158 tickets,
among them:

 * Support for local parallel testing in trial

 * A new "react" function to easily run a single asynchronous function
in a script with the reactor.

 * Partial support for Python 3.3.

Note that only Python 2.7 is supported on Windows now. We also require
zope.interface 3.6.0 or newer.

You can find the tarballs of the pre-release here:

For more information, see the NEWS file.

Please download the tarballs and test them!


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