Many thanks for the release.

Happy to see a release done by someone else.

We were doing release candidates, but I don't know if we get any feedback on that. 

I am not sure if people are testing RC releases and just don't report a successful test or people are not testing it.

Instead of testing release candidates, maybe is best to encourage running test based on the code from trunk.

To simplify the release process, maybe it would help not to do the release candidates.

If any issue is found, we release a .1 bugfix version.

What do you think?


On Fri, 1 Mar 2024, 16:50 Itamar Turner-Trauring, <> wrote:
On behalf of the Twisted contributors I announce the release of Twisted 24.3.0 (the release formerly known as 24.2.0, before too much time passed.)

The notable changes are:
  • A variety of small bug fixes.
  • A performance improvement when doing many very small writes over TLS.
  • Fix breakage with latest PyPy release.
The release changes can be seen at

Wheels for the release are available on PyPI.

Many thanks to everyone who worked on this release!

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