On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I am honored to announce the
release of Twisted 21.2.0!

There are two major announcements for this release:

Python 2.7 support has been dropped.  Twisted 21.2.0 supports Python 3.5.3 and higher only
This will be the last Twisted release to support Python 3.5.

Twisted 21.2.0 brings the following:
- twist dns --pyzone now works on Python 3
- twisted.web.twcgi now works on Python 3
- all tests pass on all platforms on Python 3.8, including asyncio tests on Windows
- tests pass on Python 3.9 (thanks to Michał Górny)
- type hints, as specified in PEP 484, are now used in functions throughout the codebase
- mypy (static type checker) is now run over the codebase during CI to help detect problems, and help improve the use of types
- code in is now formatted with Black (thanks to Tom Most)
- many CI and automation improvements (thanks to Adi Roiban and Thomas Grainger)
- many more fixes (225 tickets closed!)

You can install by running this command:

      python -m pip install Twisted==21.2.0

The full tarball is available at:

The full NEWS file with all changes is at: