Hello fellow Twistrons,

A long time ago, for reasons we need not discuss here, the pure-python LDAP implementation within Twisted was pulled out into a separate package under a different license.

Recently however, the authors of this LDAP code have generously re-licensed the code under a Twisted-compatible MIT license, both the original code at <https://github.com/tv42/ldaptor/commit/7e249b1586789a5c588f662ce74ee9f4338666e0> and the more recent fork (which I believe has more users) at <https://github.com/antong/ldaptor/issues/10>.  It seems as though there's even a solution for the problematic MD4 implementation here <https://github.com/tv42/ldaptor/pull/2>.

Since there's no active, central hub for ldaptor development, I think we should pull it into the Twisted org on Github, and some of the folks on the Cc: line have volunteered to help with that.

Does that sound good to everybody?  (Are you excited!!!?)

It's also a possibility that we could distribute a for-real SSO back-end with Cred using this, which I'm pretty excited about.