On Nov 7, 2011, at 10:20 AM, Tobias Oberstein wrote:

Ok, I've prepared
which passes all tests (FreeBSD 8.3 p3 i386 / Python 2.7.1) but the ones related to open FDs (which are unrelated to the reactor stuff).
This works for me for FreeBSD .. I've tried on MacOSX .. there seem to be PTY issues there. Well.
I've also updated the
for anyone who wants to try before this gets eventually merged into Twisted.

I've reviewed it, although looking at this email now I realize I missed the 'kqueue.patch' and instead reviewed just the reactor and not the test change.  Your patch is totally formatted correctly so please ignore the comments to the contrary on the ticket!  And the test change looks like it might fix the failure that I mention in the review, so if you just deal with a few of those nitpicky issues and resubmit with the patch attachment and the 'review' a little closer to each other, I think this may be ready to land in Twisted soon.

If you want to maintain txkqreactor for older users of Twisted, you might want to provide a reactor plugin in your package so that users can do 'twistd --reactor txkq'.

Thanks again, it's great to see progress on this ancient ticket :).