I've been pulling my hair out all day...

I have a Django 1.1.x project running under Twisted Trunk (27392) using WSGI.

I've been having mega-problems with forms not showing up in Django's REQUEST object so I decided to nail it down to the simplest case.  I thought I was only having problems with simple <form>...</form> type submissions but, nope, as soon as I wrote the regular Django one, it also failed.  The form runs fine under ∂jango's development server.

The project's at:


I am using the WSGI method that is shown for use with Pinax which has worked for me in the past and is very simple.  

I also included a newer, more complicated method that I stole from an earlier version of clemesha's hotdot at master - GitHub, from an article he wrote a little while ago that I'm too tired to find right now.

I would love to get to the bottom of this as Twisted + Django + Orbited really is the foundation of an app I'm writing and this is a real showstopper.

Comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. always welcome.