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On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 12:19 AM, Kevin Horn <kevin.horn@gmail.com> wrote:
Also, Git _is_ worse on Windows than it is on *nix.  It's just not as bad as it _used_ to be.  It's functional.  It works.  But it is difficult to deal with,
and a lot of Windows users I have talked to (as well as myself, of course) just don't like using it.

I'm not necessarily saying that that means Twisted shouldn't use Git.  But it _should_ be considered as a factor.

Kevin Horn

Gotcha, thanks.

I've been told that hg is a lot more pleasant on Windows, (and you appear to echo that), and hg-git manages to be a damn-near 1:1 mapping. Have you tried that?


I've been told the same thing, by someone who _really_ didn't want to switch a project to git and got overruled.  He indicated that using hg-git pretty much fixed all his complaints.

I haven't used it myself, though if I ever need to do any serious work on a large project using git, I certainly intend to.

Kevin Horn