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 * Git is annoying.  It's a pretty horrible piece of software in my
   opinion, and made some bad design decisions.

magit makes it a lot more pleasant if you use emacs, by the way.

I don't.  Emacs is also annoying.
 * Git essentially makes Windows a second-class environment (as did
   Combinator).  We already have trouble recruiting Windows people, and
   IMO one of Twisted's strengths is that you can usually run things on
   Linux/MacOSX/Windows with very few cahnges, if any.

I've been told this has *vastly* improved, but I don't know for sure since I'm not a Windows user.

I've heard the same thing, but if what exists now is a _vast_ improvement, I shudder to think
what it was like before.
 * it is unclear how Github would work with UQDS with regards to having a
   ticket for all new work.  IMO this is even more important than code
   reviews.  Would we just say: no pull requests will be accepted unless

Your question got cut off. I think you wanted to say "there's a ticket for that"?


 * Assuming a change like this would take place, what would the plan be
   for transition?  Would all the branches that are out there be
   migrate-able?  What about all the Trac tickets, wiki, etc?

The first thing I thought right after I thought "we're going to need a trac to markdown converter" is "khorn is going to jump off a cliff next" ;-)

_almost_ funny :)
 * Since Twisted's current web presence _is_ a Trac site, who's going to
   step up and build a new website?  Github/Bitbucket/Launchpad is _NOT_
   a replacement for an actual "marketing" or "home page" type site.

Absolutely not. I am *not* advocating replacing this site, simply having something similar that isn't trac and isn't involved in the site development. If anything, this separates the concerns of "home page style site" and development site even clearer, IMO.

Well, the site would _have_ to be replaced by something, if Trac were to go away.  But I think I understand what you mean.

Kevin Horn


Kevin Horn