I just received an email from the Mailman 3 admin for mail.python.org about rendering of archived messages.

For some time, HyperKitty has been rendering messages in the archive
using a subset of markdown to produce a rich text rendering of the
message.  We have just made several improvements to the rendering.
These are described at

You will note that the markdown rendering is now optional and is
controlled by the Archive Rendering Mode setting at
and defaults to plain text rendering. If you wish to use markdown
rendering for this list, you will need to change this setting.

Note that the setting has no effect on the stored messages themselves.
It only affects how they are rendered in HyperKitty, so you can switch
back and forth without a problem.

I've verified that this affects the rendering of all messages already archived.

I've checked that this setting is off for the typing-sig right now, and despite the improvements I would suggest that we keep it off -- I personally don't like having to type backticks just to avoid dunders being rendered as bold, or indentation/whitespace in code samples getting lost. But if people overwhelmingly prefer the markup-aware rendering in the archives please respond to this message and maybe we can change it.

(And yes, in GitHub comments I am fine with markdown, the difference there is that (a) you can preview how it renders, and (b) you can edit your message to fix markup after the fact.)

Also, if anyone wants to volunteer to be an additional list moderator, please contact me off-list. The list attracts a fair amount of spam that needs to be dealt with by the moderator, and as a result we also need to moderate all new legit members to the list until their first message.

--Guido van Rossum (python.org/~guido)