I no longer support this. T|None is a fine way to write optional types, and doesn't require new syntax.

We should also consider that in e.g. TypeScript, x? means something quite different than T|None; there, x? refers to allowing the absence of a parameter or field, not its type (more like NotRequired in your PEP 655). This could be confusing for users who use both languages.

On Tue, Mar 29, 2022 at 10:26 PM David Foster <davidfstr@gmail.com> wrote:
The typing-related PEP 645 - which introduces the syntax `T?` to mean
`Optional[T]` - only has a single substantial related commit in the PEPs
repo - the commit introducing the PEP (in Nov 2020) - and no discussions
thread that I can find (on typing-sig or elsewhere).

I'm personally quite interested in the potential capability to quickly
signify `Optional[T]` since it is something I do a lot.

What is the status of this PEP? Deferred for now? Withdrawn in favor of
`T|None` syntax?† Something else?

David Foster | Seattle, WA, USA
Contributor to TypedDict, mypy, and Python's typing system

† Through the grapevine I've been inferring that folks have been
gravitating toward the slightly-shorter `T|None` syntax to spell
`Optional[T]` in the meantime, and I even mention that spelling in my
own PEP 655 (Required[]) [1]

[1]: https://peps.python.org/pep-0655/#how-to-teach-this

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