Yes, that has been discussed, e.g.

PEP 677 would have provided an alternative syntax for Callable, but the PEP was rejected.

In case anyone cares, my opinion on the matter is:

I wouldn't say it's a long term goal to cover all typing use cases without imports. In cases where static typing being bolted on to a 30 year old language causes a lot of usability pain, we should aspire to improve things. But dedicated syntax and changes to builtins are about the most far-reaching changes you can make to Python, so some circumspection is wise, potential costs are relatively high, potential benefits in this case are at most medium.

On Tue, 29 Nov 2022 at 23:43, Maciej M <> wrote:
What about `callable` vs `Callable`? Was it already discussed?

I don't think that you were shot down. You simply met a few people who didn't like the change. I think that the long term goal is to cover all typing use cases without a need for imports and that would be a step in this direction.
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