FWIW I've fixed the nits in the repo.

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 7:19 AM David Foster <davidfstr@gmail.com> wrote:
On 12/27/20 10:02 AM, Eric Traut wrote:
 > I've updated the [draft
PEP](https://github.com/erictraut/peps/blob/master/pep-0647.rst) to
incorporate the feedback.

Looks good. A few comments below:

§ "Narrowing of Arbitrary Parameters":
 > TypeScript's formulation of user-defined type guards allows for any
input parameter to be
 > used as the value tested for narrowing. The TypeScript language
authors could not recall any
 > real-world examples in TypeScript where the parameter being tested
was not the first
 > parameter. For this reason, it was decided unnecessary to burden the
Python implementation
 > of user-defined type guards with additional complexity to support a
contrived use case. If such
 > use cases are identified in the future, there are ways the TypeGuard
mechanism could be
 > extended. This could involve the use of keyword indexing, as proposed
in PEP 637.

To make "This could involve the use of keyword indexing" more concrete,
suggest actually putting in an example, such as:

def is_str_list(failure_message: str, val: List[object]) ->
     non_strs = [x for x in val if not isinstance(x, str)]
     if len(non_strs) != 0:
         print(failure_message % non_strs)
     return len(non_strs) == 0

parsed_list = ...
assert is_str_list('Non-strings: %s', parsed_list)

Admittedly this particular is contrived, but is still illustrative.

 > Discussions-To: Python-Dev <typing-sig@python.org>

Nit: "Python-Dev" -> "Typing-Sig"

§ "Conditionally Applying TypeGuard Type"
 > It was suggested that the expression passed as the first argument to
a type
 > guard function should retain 👉its👈 existing type if the type of the
expression was

Nit: See typo above: 👉its👈

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