El jue., 1 oct. 2020 a las 13:22, John Snow (<jsnow@redhat.com>) escribió:
Hello, greetings from the QEMU project!

We've been investigating adopting mypy for some of our python utilities
that we use as a kind of turbocharged preprocessor for defining QEMU API
types in our project ('QAPI').

So far I've had good success (And only nice things to say about the
improvements made in each python version so far), but I do have a
question about a few paradigms I see here and again.

Is there a short-hand way to type certain dunder methods? For example,
we've got an __exit__ method on one of our VM management classes we use
for testing. The types for this are fairly arcane for the average C
programmer with only surface-level knowledge of Python.

e.g., we are left with this:

def __exit__(self,
              # pylint: disable=duplicate-code

              # see https://github.com/PyCQA/pylint/issues/3619

              exc_type: Optional[Type[BaseException]],
              exc_val: Optional[BaseException],
              exc_tb: Optional[TracebackType]) -> None:

That's a bit of noise! In this case, I assume that for well-known
dunders, mypy could be configured to *assume* the canonical types for
well-known names. Maybe I am mistaken and this is a horrible assumption
to make?
There currently isn't a way, but I definitely see the pain there. Perhaps mypy could assume the type for `__exit__`.

I'm not sure there are many dunders other than `__exit__` for which this a problem, since most others either have type-specific annotations (like `__add__`) or are very simple (like `__len__`, which just returns an int).

On a similar train of thought, I was wondering if there was any
discussion about the typing of things like **kwargs. I see this paradigm
in python code quite often:

def my_cool_wrapper(**kwargs):
     return some_stdlib_function(**kwargs)

Is there any formalization or shorthand for declaring this function as a
pass-through type? i.e., being able to declare that the entirety of this
functions arguments simply match precisely some other function's arguments.
There isn't. PEP 612 (https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0612/) is close but I think mostly covers generic functions, not functions that wrap some specific other function. 

Usually, I have been looking into typeshed to copy-paste type signatures
back into my code when I need to type something to match the standard
library, but this is prone to breakage -- and not always possible,
because typeshed uses lots of internal types I can't copy out. Is there
a more elegant way to write strictly typed wrappers, or some existing
thought/discussion on this area of design?

Similar cases pop up for overriding a parent class's method: there are
times where I might be attempting to extend an interface with new
optional parameters, but sometimes I am merely implementing an
interface, and the replication of all those types becomes a source of
lots of repeated lines of code.

I would be happy to be pointed to archived mailing list discussions,
formal proposals, etc.

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