Thanks for writing this up! It's a great step forward.

A few quick comments:

- It's a very ambitious proposal, which increases the risk that it gets bogged down due to some small aspect. Concretely, perhaps default values for TypeVars should be saved for another PEP; I know there's already a draft PEP for that feature floating around.
- The idea of adding a new lexical scope is clever but may lead to a rabbit hole of runtime subtleties, especially for classes nested in functions. An alternative approach could use an implicit `del` for names defined as TypeVars, similar to the way except blocks work.
- "A duplicate name generates a syntax error at runtime" -> should be "compile time"

El lun, 20 jun 2022 a las 0:28, Eric Traut (<>) escribió:
In last month's typing meetup, Sebastian presented some options for improving the syntax for type parameters. I subsequently posted some slides that explored a bunch of options. For reference, here's a link to those slides:

In the interest of continuing to make progress on this topic, I've drafted a PEP that places some stakes in the ground. Here's a link to the PEP: I'm interested in feedback.

Since there appears to be broad interest in addressing this problem, perhaps we can use the next typing meetup to continue this discussion.


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