Hi dev-team,

I was just chatting with Nathan about the MAESTRO frontend in yt, and it appears it is causing some confusion with other BoxLib-based data formats during loading.  In particular, the MAESTRO frontend looks for a "job_info" file to identify itself as a MAESTRO data set.  However, the CASTRO code (which should be released soon…) --- and hence Nyx --- have since been updated to also dump job_info files into their data sets, thus causing the confusion.

For the time being, I would recommend turning off the MAESTRO frontend in yt.  I think I was the only one to have ever used it --- MAESTRO isn't currently publicly available.  I have been wanting to put in more work with the yt project, and have had fixing/cleaning up the MAESTRO frontend on my TODO list for quite some time, but it is my someday/maybe pile.  Hopefully I'll have some time soon to make this more of a priority!


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