That's not a bad idea.  Even just a development guidelines page might be nice.


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Matthew Turk <> wrote:
I'm on board, too.  Trunk should be stable, and a staging ground for
pushing into a release.  hg can be unstable.  I know I broke this
policy only hours ago, but I think before a big push back to trunk, we
should ask for approval and get a second.  I don't mind handling most
of the merges, but in cases where someone has done a LOT of work, I'll
happily send out patches -- which is what I did with the last big
merge, a couple months ago.  For instance, when Stephen's structure
function goes in, I think he should be the one to 'svn ci' it.

In the next release, which I think may not be very far off, we should
also document this in the proper docs.  I think adding a "How is yt
developed?" section to the docs would be good.


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:17 PM, j s oishi <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I heartily second this.
> j
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:10 PM, Britton Smith <> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> It seems that most of yt development has migrated away from the svn-trunk to
>> the various mercurial branches.  Like most of you guys, I imagine, I am now
>> using the main hg branch of yt almost exclusively, since that's where
>> everything new that I need gets put right away.  It's rare, but every now
>> and then something goes straight into the svn trunk without passing through
>> hg.
>> Just to make it official, I would like to propose that the svn-trunk not be
>> used for any active development, but only a staging area for updates coming
>> from the hg branch and destined for a release version.  This way, we don't
>> run into the issue of having to merge changes in two directions between svn
>> and hg, which I think is a bit of a pain.  I get the impression that almost
>> all development is taking place in hg already, but I think it may be
>> beneficial to have an official policy on how this sort of thing should be
>> done.
>> Thoughts, anybody?
>> Britton
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