For what it's worth, the issues marked in red on the trello board were considered blockers a couple weeks ago.  I don't think any of the remaining blockers require code changes.

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, Britton Smith <> wrote:
I don't think I can be asked to predict what bugs will shake out, but I will concede waiting for waiting's sake since we're trying to stick to a timeline.  However, I think we need to sort through the remaining trello items, blocking issues, and PRs that are supposed to make it in by 3.0 all be on the same page with what absolutely must get done before this release.  At the same time, let's not be perfectionists, here.  There will be further releases and things will continue to be fixed up over time.  Cameron, can you point to specific items that you think are blockers that won't get done on time?

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM, Matthew Turk <> wrote:

I'm -1 on further delays. Looking at the blockers and the ones assigned to me, I will have them done by Wednesday. Which ones are the ones that will be problematic or that need to shake out? We've been in a light code freeze for over a week at this point, right?

On Jul 29, 2014 3:22 AM, "Britton Smith" <> wrote:
We shouldn't release until blocking issues have been cleared, and probably a day or two after that to let things settle and bugs shake out.  One final hangout/sprint to establish what exactly needs to get done before the release is probably a good idea.  Would anyone be up for doing that sometime this week?


On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 6:50 AM, John ZuHone <> wrote:
I won't be able to help out with documentation for a few days (probably until next week), as I am away at a meeting and have some other things to attend to in addition. 

If we push it to next week, I will be able to assist. 

On Jul 28, 2014, at 10:45 PM, Cameron Hummels <> wrote:


First I want to thank everyone for their hard work at getting 3.0 where it is in terms of functionality, bug fixes, and documentation.  However, I'm concerned that there are still several things that need doing in the documentation prior to release of 3.0.  

Beyond that, I think once those things are done, we need some proofreading of the docs, because I'm not convinced there aren't still sections that are out of date and reflecting 2.x versions of the code.  Proofreading (and subsequent correction) may take a while.  

I think it behooves us to push back the release a few more days until we make sure this is where we want it to be.  This is a major release with major API breakages, and I want to make sure the documentation actually reflects the codebase, so new users and new converts to 3.0 don't get confused.  I certainly was confused when i first moved over because there are a lot of significant changes that it's easy to forget after using it for a while and being as tied into the community as we all are.

What do people think?


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