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Hey devs,

I apologize in advance for my naivety...

I asked this in IRC, and Kacper was kind enough to provide some insight, but alas I was still having problems getting this to work.  I know it involves bookmarks and heads, but I'm still not as familiar with mercurial as I am with git, so this all confuses my gitsense.  Also, I know there are others who have this issue - perhaps this should be on the docs page somewhere...

Bookmarks are actually unnecessary.

Let's say I have my fork of yt wherein I already have a pending PR on BB.  I can't simply make changes to my fork and push them in the default branch/bookmark because BB likes to automagically update PRs.  

What is the recommended procedure for committing and pushing new changes to my fork so that I can issue an additional PR?  Do I create a bookmark, then commit my changes, then push that bookmark to BB?  If so, how then can I issue a PR from that bookmark - I can't seem to find this on the BB interface.

Maybe this is a little awkward because it requires me to look at the current state of the yt_analysis/yt repo, but it works for me.

First, I take a look at this page: https://bitbucket.org/yt_analysis/yt/commits/branch/yt

You want to update to the current tip of the yt branch (right now, this is the commit f663cb9):

hg pull https://bitbucket.org/yt_analysis/yt
hg up f663cb9

This will update away from  your current PR head.

Next, you need to do some work, fix a bug, whatever, and then commit it:

<do work>
hg commit -m "I did some work"

This will create a new local head.  Next, you push the new head to bitbucket:

hg push -r . -f https://bitbucket.org/my_username/yt

"push -r ." means "push only the commit I'm standing on and any ancestors".  I needed to force push since I'm creating a new remote head.

Now you can create your PR on the bitbucket interface.

Bookmarks come in at the point where you create the new head.  Instead of just <do work>, I could have created a new bookmark:

hg bookmark mybookmark
<do work>
hg commit -m "I did some work"
push push -B mybookmark -f https://bitbucket.org/my_username/yt

The bookmark just names the commit head.  I tend not to use bookmarks for one-commit bugfixes but they're definitely useful for longer lived work.

Hope that's made things clearer,



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