Anybody at AAS might want to check this out.

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From: Robert Hurt <>
Date: Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 5:20 PM
Subject: [astro-viz] AAS Splinter Meeting on Astro Visualization Metadata/VAMP

While it has been a bit quiet on the astronomy metadata front and the
Virtual Astronomy Mulitmedia Project (VAMP), the state of the art has
actually been progressing rapidly and today there are many new tools
to assist in adding astronomy-specific metadata to image galleries.

The January AAS meeting provides a perfect opportunity to bring
together anyone involved in astronomical visualization, imagery, and
outreach to discuss tools, techniques, and advancements in the use of
Astronomy Visualization Metadata (AVM).

So if you are going to be at the AAS, please do set aside time to join
us for the splinter session:

Tuesday, January 5th, 5:30-7:00 PM
Harding Room

The meeting will be an informal discussion between interested parties
with a goal of bringing everyone up to speed of what is being done,
which projects are starting to implement AVM, what kind of funding has
been granted, and what tools and workflows exist. If you have anything
to contribute, please come prepared to chat about any of these topics,
with or without slides. We will have a projector and screen for our
own use (do not have to go through the AAS Speaker's Room).

As a quick teaser of some of the topics, here is an incomplete list of
some of the latest developments:

- CS4 compatible tagging tools

- Support in Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope (stand-alone and web

- New Spitzer website built on AVM specifications

- PinpointWCS tool from Chandra for recovering WCS data from reference
FITS images

For more about AVM/VAMP:

Robert Hurt

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