Hi all,

Just wanted to update those of you who weren't following along in http://yt.enzotools.org/irc.html (which i will note led to a very fast development pace today), we've added a grid viewer widget to reason.  This is a way of viewing the grid edges of your simulation, and is implemented in WebGL.  You will need to grab the latest install script because this requires a package called PhiloGL.  Download the new script and run it and you should be set to go.  You will also have to have a browser that supports WebGL, but if you have something like the latest chrome or firefox, you _should_ be fine...no promises.  

There are certainly bugs to be worked out (i.e. if you are using a sim with a lot of grids they might not all show up), but you should be able to navigate with your mouse:

Left-Drag: Rotate
Right-Drag: Pan
Scroll: Zoom

Planned possible additions:
Coloring grids by level
"look at" button to either enter a coordinate by hand or by max density, etc.
right click to focus (like an interactive "look at")
Move through using arrows

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it!