I really like the new layout & theme, much cleaner looking!

On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 10:45 AM, Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi folks,

A while ago, yt-project.org was converted to a "generated" site.  Templates are used to generate each page, so it's much easier to modify.  I've also moved the calculation of contributors into a function, and the gallery and the members list are in .yaml files, so they can be updated without writing raw HTML.

I took some time this week to experiment a bit with the website.  My fork is here:


and a build is here:


The big changes:

 * Light instead of dark background ("cyborg" theme to "flatly")
 * Made the text more normal-sized most places
 * Changed the masthead on the front page to *not* be a carousel and have the new logo, along with a more punchy intro
 * Added a set of "examples", which come from a .yaml file.

I've been experimenting with the examples and the theme in particular, and I personally like it a lot more.  

If you fork my repo and make changes (especially if you want to add examples, which can take *either* text output *or* images) as soon as the changes go in, it auto-builds on matt-website.hub.yt .  Feedback here or on slack would be very much appreciated, and if folks like it, I'd like to deploy it.

A few other things it would need before it's ready:

 * Add an extensions page, with extension information drawn from .yaml file
 * Make the blog look like this thing, and maybe figure out if the blog could be part of the repo
 * Update the text and images wherever appropriate (i.e., update references to the hub)
 * Streamline navigation a little bit
 * Fill out the examples, maybe even have them link to the hub


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