Hi Cameron,

Thanks for organizing this!  This will be very useful I think.  I will be traveling for most of Monday during the time of the sprint but should be able to participate on Tuesday.  It would be useful if you could provide a short summary of the events of the first day for those of us who can only join in on the second day.  Thanks again for doing this.  See you all there.


On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 2:16 AM, Cameron Hummels <chummels@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey everyone,

Next Monday and Tuesday we will be having a documentation sprint to try to beef up the yt docs (and docstrings) before the final release of the 2.x branch when development (and documentation) will switch over to the 3.0 branch.  All developers are welcome to attend/participate for as much time as they can spare.  

I know documentation isn't always glamorous, but I think this will be pretty fun.  Furthermore, I think this will be very beneficial to the community, in that it will be fewer frustrated users, fewer questions on IRC and the mailing list, and better understanding for everyone of all the features and functionality of the codebase!

We will be meeting up as a Google + hangout over the course of those two days, with periodic "check-in" meeting times to make sure everyone is on the same page (see below for schedule).  Yes, I know it is early for Pacific Coasters on a Monday @ 8am, but you can meet for a few minutes from your bed without your camera turned off if need be.  We all know that people have meetings and need to eat and such, so you are not required to be in the G+ hangout constantly.  That said, people are encouraged to remain in the G+ hangout throughout both days for fast turnover time if they have questions/discussion or want to work on something new.  Documentation tasks will be identified so that attendees can volunteer for them at the various check-in meetings.  This way, individuals can work on these tasks semi-autonomously.  The various things I think we should aim to accomplish include:

--Add documentation for features that are currently undocumented in the yt codebase.
--Add documentation for new features from yt 2.5 to present (in docstrings, cookbooks, and narrative docs as applicable).
--Fulfill the tasks identified in the BitBucket Documentation Issues List: 
--Remove outdated information from the docs.
--Pare down multiple locations of how to do individual tasks, so as to make maintainability easier.
--Fix any typos or mistakes in the content.

--8am PST/11am EST: Initial meetup in G+ to discuss the goals of the sprint and to layout the specific individual tasks which need to be accomplished.  I'll include a template for a docstrings example, a template for a cookbook example, and an example of a good narrative docs section.  Developers will choose what task they want to work on.  Meeting should take 30-60 minutes.
--11am PST/2pm EST: Status check, and reshuffling of projects as needed.  15 minutes.
--2pm PST/5pm EST: Status check and conclusion for the day. 15 minutes.

Same schedule as Monday.

Please write back to this email saying whether or not you're going to be attending any/all of the sprint.  That way, I can invite you personally to the google docs hangout to join up.  I may try to make this hangout "on-air" so that it is recorded, and so if we go above the 10-person limit, those unable to fit in the hangout can watch it streaming live.

Before Monday, please think for a few minutes about things that you may have noticed in the past that were lacking from the documentation, but at the time you found them you didn't have time to fix.  If you identify anything, please mark it down as a documentation task in the bitbucket issue tracker so that we know to work on it next week: https://bitbucket.org/yt_analysis/yt/issues?component=documentation&status=open&status=new . We will be using this as our main means of tracking what gets accomplished during the sprint.  I encourage you to look at the docs as well to look for ways they can be improved.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to meeting with you next week!


Cameron Hummels
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