Hi all,

I'd like to start the ball rolling on instituting a code of conduct for the yt community. This will be added as a YTEP, linked from the "community" portion of the webpage, and added the the yt repository.

Having a code of conduct is important because it the community norms we abide by very concrete. It also affirms our commitment to embracing diversity, openness, respect, and collegiality in our interactions. I think officially adopting a code of conduct also lowers the barrier to entry for new contributors who might be scared off based on preconceived notions about open source projects (e.g. the Linux kernel).

I think a good place to start would be to use the Python Software Foundation's code of conduct and just replace "Python" with "The yt Project". I really like the PSF code of conduct and feel that it does a good job of describing how we conduct business already.

I'm curious whether this is amenable to everyone. Are there other CoC documents that we should look at? Are there additional points we should add to or elide from the PSF CoC to make it more fitting for yt?

Thanks for your input!