yt 3.4.1 release notes

The yt community is proud to announce the release of yt 3.4.1. This is a patch release and includes a number of improvements and bugfixes. Note that one of the bugs fixed in this release silently produced invalid results for the values of certain yt fields. See the release notes below for more details.

yt ( is an open source, community developed toolkit for the analysis and visualization of volumetric data. Development is hosted on GitHub (

This release includes contributions from 20 contributors, five of whom contributed for the first time:

The bolded names indicate first-time contributors. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed!

See the changelog below for a summary of new features, changes, and bugfixes.

For more information, including installation instructions, links to community resources, and information on contributing to yt’s development, please see the yt homepage at and the documentation for yt 3.4.1 at

Binaries for yt 3.4.1 are available via pip and conda. If you installed via the install script or use conda to manage your python installation, you can update yt via:

$ conda update -c conda-forge yt

And via pip if you manage your python installation with pip:

$ pip install -U yt

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or run into any trouble updating please don’t hesitate to send a message to the mailing list or stop by our Slack or IRC channel.

yt is the product of a large community of developers and users and we are extraordinarily grateful for and proud of their contributions. Please forward this announcement on to any interested parties.

The yt development team

Critical Bugfixes

Minor Improvements and Bugfixes