Hi everyone,

I'm trying to close out this bug:

After spending a fair amount of time on this, all I've been able to determine is that the values of the server address and port seem to go missing for the server.  These two values are passed from yt/analysis_modules/halo_finding/rockstar/rockstar.py to rockstar_interface.pyx in the same directory.  They are then assigned to two global variables internal to Rockstar.  Rockstar instances are either readers, writers, or servers.  Both the readers and writers manage to hold on to the correct values for the server address and port, but when I check these values for the server itself, they are just empty strings.

Somehow, this all works fine in python 2, i.e., all rockstar instances maintain the correct values.  I am totally out of ideas for how to fix this.  Does anyone have any thoughts?