Hi yt-dev,

This is a quick note to ask you to save some time during the weeks of June 7-11 and August 2-6 this year!  We are going to try and push through PRs those weeks, with each week having its own theme!  I hope that everyone can make both (meaning be active on slack and engaged in PRs)!!  We will be sending out details with our vision for each week shortly.

Mischief Managing week (we solemnly swear to be up to only good!)

We will have a managing mischief week to focus on cleaning up the codebase. This is when we want dead code, code styling, and other PRs both submitted and merged. MM week will be on June 7-11 this year. 

PR Mentorship Week

This is a week that we will help get older PRs and PRs from new contributors across the finish line. PRs from new contributors are always welcome; this week is specifically for extra focused time to boost the work of new contributors. This will include dedicated time from the development community on taking over PRs or mentoring newer contributors whose PRs have been waiting a while.  PR Mentorship week will be held on August 2-6 this year. 

Can't wait to "see" you!

Dr. Stephanie Tonnesen
Associate Research Scientist
CCA, Flatiron Institute
New York, NY