Hi all,

I'd like to propose that we agree to "flip the switch" on switching the main repository to github on May 1.  That means that from May 1 we will no longer accept pull requests on bitbucket and we will switch to mirroring from github to bitbucket.

When Matt originally proposed his YTEP, he suggested that we have a "soft" transition where we don't accept new pull requests on bitbucket and also don't accept pull requests on github. This would allow us to process the currently open pull requests and give people some time to move their pull requests over.

I don't think we need to shut down all new development for two weeks. Instead, I think we just need to merge in the pull requests that are mergeable and open on bitbucket and then tell people to port any unmergeable pull requests over to github. Matt putt together some instructions on how to export pull requests here: https://github.com/yt-project/bb-migration/issues/7#issuecomment-296304236

I just looked over the list of open pull requests on bitbucket and I think the following pull requests can be merged:


If we can get some eyes on these pull requests in particular that would be helpful. I think most or all of them can be merged in as-is, but we need more code reviewers to make sure we can actually do that.

Does anyone have objections to pulling the trigger on the switch to github May 1?