I agree with Dave on this.  I'd much rather issue another command on the rare case that I want to reset the colorbar to an auto setting than to have to reset it to my hand set values each time.  Now I can see where in a first star simulation (or any super-high dynamic range simulation) you would want to automatically change the colorbar as you zoom since your dynamic range in the frame will be changing.  One possibility I can think of is to have a keyword in the set_width function that is perhaps "rescale_color=True/False", and the default could go either way.  If True, then the zlim is reset to automatic with cmap staying constant.  I'm suggesting the cmap stay constant no matter what here because I don't see a reason why someone would want to swtich back to default cmap after changing it in the first place.  If rescale_color is False, then just leave everything alone.

As for the default setting, perhaps this could be setup in the PlotCollection instantiation, and then no matter what the user will likely only have to issue the rescale_color keyword a single time.  Anyways, those are my thoughts.  I'm sure others have opposite opinions.


On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 3:36 PM, david collins <antpuncher@gmail.com> wrote:
This sounds good in general, thanks for updating this.

> But, what happens to the colorbar?  Do we invalidate it, and then
> reset it on next save?  That is, when we change the width, does that
> override the user setting the colorbar?

If I by hand set zlim in a plot, my intuition says it should stay set
to what I intend.  So if I change the width/center, I want zlim to
stay what I last set it as. If there's a particular color range i'm
interested, it would be confusing if it automatically changed when I
moved the image a bit.


> Does anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks!
> -Matt
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