I support this move as well as changing the name.  Something short and punchy.


2010/2/26 Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com>
Hi all,

I'd like to propose we change from "jet" as our default colormap to

I've attached sample images of the same simulation -- I think
bds_highcontrast (designed by our very own Britton, nearly two years
ago now) is better looking and is easier to discern differences in.
I've provided a patch that should make this change here:


It applies to trunk.  If this goes through, we'll also make our plots
slightly better distinguished, too, because this is a homegrown
colormap.  (We also have the "kamae" colormap, created by Tune Kamae,
that isn't in matplotlib and that I think is criminally underused

Also, maybe it should be aliased as something in addition to
"bds_highcontrast"?  Another name?


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