Hi everyone,

Iíve been trying to run Enzo with inline yt lately and have encountered a strange error when using yt-3.0.  yt is able to load the pf from Enzo, but doing much more than that results in the error 

AttributeError: 'IOHandlerInMemory' object has no attribute '_read_fluid_selection'

(full output and traceback:  http://pastebin.com/TY9EVDWd)

After this Enzo resumes running, but yt will always fail in the same way.

This same error arises when doing anything simple like making slices or projections, halo finding, making profiles, etc.  Curiously, this doesnít happen build and run Enzo with either the stable or dev branches of yt, and yt-3.0 works just fine when running on its own, either interactively or from a simple script independent of Enzo.  The same behavior occurs both locally running OSX 10.9 and running on a Linux machine.  Has anyone encountered this before, or have a clue to point me in the right direction to sort it out?