Hi yt-dev !

I wrote a small YTEP to propose that yt’s native colormaps be isolated into a lightweight independent package.
See the motivation therein https://github.com/yt-project/ytep/pull/20

Although the priority for doing this is pretty low, I do think some form of change is required in this area, following the upstream change of behaviour introduced in matplotlib 3.4

Considering the task itself is also reasonably small and straightforward, I assume it is reasonable to submit it now so it may be considered for yt 4.0 (plus, I couldn’t resist submitting a 40th YTEP on Matt’s 40th birthday).

A minimal goal here would be to improve our documentation to showcase the 7 (6 ?) original cmaps from the yt community.
- algae
- arbre
- dusk
- kamae
- kelp
- octarine
- (spectral) -> this one seems to be currently broken actually, or was it just renamed ? See https://github.com/yt-project/yt/issues/3165#issuecomment-822241839

If we agree to bake a separate package out of them, I would also like to give credit to their respective creators. I know that Nathan came up with “arbre”, but I don’t know who created the other 6 (5). Please share your knowledge, I’m interested in knowing this whatever the fate of this YTEP :)