Hi Matt.

I don't think macs have sha512sum. I get:

Awesome!  Here we go.

Using wget
Downloading HDF5
Downloading hdf5-1.8.7.tar.gz from yt-project.org
2012-01-25 13:22:51 URL:http://yt-project.org/dependencies/hdf5-1.8.7.tar.gz [7827944/7827944] -> "hdf5-1.8.7.tar.gz" [1]
I am unable to locate sha512sum.  FILE INTEGRITY NOT VERIFIED.
Downloading zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2 from yt-project.org


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

Currently to verify file integrity with the install script we download
sidecar md5 file from yt-project.org.  These aren't versioned, and md5
itself is largely deprecated for this.

I've created a new sha512-using version of the install script, which
uses sha512 hashes stored *in the install script* to verify file
integrity.  This way any time these change we will be notified of
them.  I'd like it if a few people could test this -- I have -- on
pristine systems.  It changes both how the files are downloaded and it
now uses sha512sum, which should be available on most systems
(according to Kacper :).

You can do this by:

wget https://bitbucket.org/MatthewTurk/yt/raw/367ea3bfff2e/doc/install_script.sh

and then running it, but maybe supplying an alternate directory rather
than the default.

Thanks for any feedback.

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