*Wow*, quite the feature list.

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From: Lisandro Dalcin <dalcinl@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 6:31 AM
Subject: [mpi4py] [ANN] mpi4py release 3.0.0
To: mpi4py <mpi4py@googlegroups.com>

* New features:

  + `mpi4py.futures`: Execute computations asynchronously using a pool
    of MPI processes. This package is based on ``concurrent.futures``
    from the Python standard library.
  + `mpi4py.run`: Run Python code and abort execution in case of
    unhandled exceptions to prevent deadlocks.
  + `mpi4py.bench`: Run basic MPI benchmarks and tests.

* Enhancements:

  + Lowercase, pickle-based collective communication calls are now
    thread-safe through the use of fine-grained locking.
  + The ``MPI`` module now exposes a ``memory`` type which is a
    lightweight variant of the builtin ``memoryview`` type, but
    exposes both the legacy Python 2 and the modern Python 3 buffer
    interface under a Python 2 runtime.
  + The ``MPI.Comm.Alltoallw()`` method now uses ``count=1`` and
    ``displ=0`` as defaults, assuming that messages are specified
    through user-defined datatypes.
  + The ``Request.Wait[all]()`` methods now return ``True`` to match
    the interface of ``Request.Test[all]()``.
  + The ``Win`` class now implements the Python buffer interface.

* Backward-incompatible changes:

  + The ``buf`` argument of the ``MPI.Comm.recv()`` method is
    deprecated, passing anything but ``None`` emits a warning.
  + The ``MPI.Win.memory`` property was removed, use the
    ``MPI.Win.tomemory()`` method instead.
  + Executing ``python -m mpi4py`` in the command line is now
    equivalent to ``python -m mpi4py.run``. For the former behavior,
    use ``python -m mpi4py.bench``.
  + Python 2.6 and 3.2 are no longer supported. The ``mpi4py.MPI``
    module may still build and partially work, but other pure-Python
    modules under the ``mpi4py`` namespace will not.
  + Windows: Remove support for legacy MPICH2, Open MPI, and DeinoMPI.

Lisandro Dalcin
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