Hey devs,

Congratulations to the team on merging yt-4.0 into the main dev branch of the repo a couple months ago!  

I noticed that the yt-4.0 branch is still hanging around the main yt repo.  Unless there is a good reason that it's sticking around, I propose we delete it so as to not confuse users who might checkout that branch, when it's no longer being updated since it was merged with the master branch.

I'm happy to do this, but I didn't want to take unilateral action if there was a good reason others were keeping it on, and due to the way github works, I don't think there is a way to PR a branch deletion.  One just has to do it from the web interface (or push a local change).

Is there any reason to keep the yt-4.0 branch around now that it's merged with the master branch?  If not, I'll delete it in the next few days.

Thanks, everyone!


Cameron Hummels
Computational Astrophysicist
California Institute of Technology